About us

Aims and ethos

Our key priorities are:

High Expectations Students are encouraged to aim high on both a day to day basis and in their aspirations for the MOOT course. Targets are set at the outset to help them to address the areas of concern that may be undermining their success at school.

Engagement We use outdoor education and a range of other practical and creative activities, to enable students to take risks, rise to challenges and learn from mistakes in a safe environment. This is the main focus of our MOOT programme.

Safeguarding Ensuring the safety and well-being of our students is of paramount importance. All aspects of safeguarding are rigorously monitored. Key elements include – safer recruitment, staff training, health & safety, risk assessments, provision of a safe space, promotion of healthy relationships, work with external agencies and reducing risky behaviour. We have a live safeguarding action plan that ensures that we keep this area of our work as our highest priority at all times.