KS4 MOOT – Yrs 10 & 11

The programme is a part-time placement of one day a week. Over the duration of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to gain a number of nationally recognised qualifications in a wide variety of outdoor activities. These activities include: Watersports; canoeing, kayaking, and wakeboarding, indoor climbing and skiing. A first aid course is also undertaken. This course is suitable for those who would benefit from a broader curriculum, in addition to GCSEs and who work well in a practical and physical environment. These qualifications will enhance students’ CVs, whichever career path they follow, but will be particularly helpful for those students interested in pursuing a career in the sports and leisure or outdoor activity industry. The course runs between September and May.

As well as being an acronym, we also chose this name for its South African meaning: MOOT  n. A system of arbitration in which the primary goal is to settle a dispute and reintegrate adversaries into society


  • To encourage students to have aspirations and plan for post 16 educations.
  • To enable students to experience success and to recognise their own and others’ achievements.
  • To motivate students to develop and sustain positive new interests.

Students will be invited to attend an initial meeting with their parent/carer and a school representative before starting on the project.

The day starts at 9:30am and ends at 14:30pm although this may vary depending on location and activity. The project will run over 4 locations including Albany Outdoors, Thorpe lakes, White Spider Indoor Climbing and Sandown Skiing Centre. The MOOT team will provide transport to and from the activities where appropriate.

Applications are made directly to Malden Oaks – Please complete the relevant referral form below –

Summer 2019 Year 10 Programme information